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Zelsky.comBasic Trade!

Generally, these involves the most noticeable advantages of these investment contracts comprise voluntary exchanges trading under basis futures commodities, which also experience a surge in their extremely high volatility and availability of returns through metal bonds, interest rate product, and indexes. The Basic Trade (Category A) comprises of three (3) trades.

Elementary Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $100
  • Maximum Deposit $999
  • 24 Hours Contract
4% ROI After 24 Hours
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Rudimental Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $1000
  • Maximum Deposit $1999
  • 22 Hours Contract
6% ROI After 22 Hours
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Enhanced Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $2000
  • Maximum Deposit $2999
  • 20 Hours Contract
8% ROI After 20 Hours
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Zelsky.comPremium Trade!

These generally involves a target at fixed-income security trading above its theoretical value by supplying execution services and phrases attached to a variety of instance involving a transactional target value and its fundamental contrast while trading assets at a discount with leveraged (TSLA) TECHNOLOGY futures to provide capabilities of revenue, net profit margins, net income as ROI to clients.

Standard Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $5000
  • Maximum Deposit $5000
  • 7 Hours Contract
10% ROI After 7 Hours
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Potential Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $8000
  • Maximum Deposit $10000
  • 24 Hours Contract
15% ROI After 24 Hours
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Zelsky.comVIP Trade!

Compounding Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $12000
  • Maximum Deposit $15000
  • 48 Hours Contract
20% ROI After 48 Hours
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Advance Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $20000
  • Maximum Deposit $20000
  • 72 Hours Contract
30% ROI After 72 Hours
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High Return Trade

  • Minimum Deposit $30000
  • Maximum Deposit $50000
  • 96 Hours Contract
50% ROI After 96 Hours
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The company has been widely known and highly recommended by the Government’s and Investment Bodies all over the world. That's why I joined

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I just like the system way of operation. Everything is automatic.

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Withdrawal is instant, thanks for the good job.

Lisa London, UK

The company has a great referral plan commission which I received when I referred my friends,business partners,family members to the company I gained 10% commission.

Zita Usa

So I needed a very good explanation to make me understand how this company works. I reached out to their live support assistants, they are the best support and best platform for investment

Nana S.A

Good payment network, I'm still astonished they charge no fee.

kenneth Ohio

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Promote our website wherever you are. Create a post on online forums and social networks. Remember to use the referral link. Build your structure and receive a commission of 10% whenever someone makes a deposit. Earnings from the affiliate program are immediately available in the account balance. You can invest or withdraw funds at any time.

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